9 Tips from MangoRV.

  1. Decide how many people will be in your party. This will determine the RV you will need.
  2. Set the dates for your vacation. Most RV owners require a minimum of 3days rental, some require minimum of 5 days rentals during high seasons.
  3. Search for RV’s in your vicinity. Some RV owners will deliver an RV to your house for a minimum fee. You may rent RV’s directly from RV owners who rent their RV’s from websites such as https://mangorvrentals.com/.
  4. Plan ahead to reserve your campground site. There are many RV camps throughout America. Popular destinations require advance booking for a campsite, especially in the summer months, when they may be at capacity.
  5. RV’s are classified as drivable, towable or stationary. A drivable RV is just that, it has an engine that means the RV can be driven as one unit. For a towable RV, you will need a truck, usually 1 tonne truck that has a tow hitch to attach to the towable RV. An example of a towable RV is a Winnebago Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel 27RLTS.
  6. Select an appropriate RV. The largest drivable RV’s are the Class A motorhome which are the size of a coach bus, are up to 41” long,  which may sleep up to 8-10 people. A Class C motorhome may sleep up to 8 people. When in doubt tour the RV to determine whether the sleeping areas within the RV are suitable for your party, and to determine what extras you will need to bring along in terms of blankets, pillows, etc.
  7. Budget well for your trip. RV rentals range from $150/day to $250/day. The total rental price for an RV will include fees for excess mileage and generator use. Most RV’s come with a limited miles offered per day, when the renter exceeds these allotted miles they pay a small fee per mileage. The generator use is usually limited, for instance, the contract may say 4 hours of free generator use per day, each additional hour incurs $4/hr. Your RV rental fee will also include a damage deposit. It is important to review your rental contract and get answers to all your questions.
  8. In general RV’s are not speedy vehicles. The recommended speed is 55 miles per hour. Plan the time it will take to get to your destination. For example a trip from San Antonio Texas to the Grand Canyons in Nevada may mean stopping overnight to rest along the way.
  9. Get ready, pack, set and go. Here’s to a happy RV adventure.

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